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Blood Pressure Checking

As part of our health service we offer a free blood pressure checking service. No appointment needed, just walk in.
In addition we provide record cards or advise on suitable mobile phone apps for recording historical blood pressure readings.
A large range of suitable blood monitor machines are also available for purchase and in many cases are claimable through your medical health fund.
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Blood pressure is the pressure of your blood against the inner walls of your arteries as it is pumped around the body by your heart.

As your heart pumps, the flow of blood in your arteries and your blood pressure rises and falls in a regular ‘wave’ pattern. Blood pressure peaks when your heart pumps (called ‘systole’) and falls when your heart relaxes (called ‘diastole’). 

A Heart Foundation Survey completed found one in three Australians aged 30-65 years had been told by a doctor that they have high blood pressure. This equates to 3.5 million Australians. In Australia, 90% of women have one risk factor for heart disease, and 50% have two or more.
Every day we lose 48 loved ones; heart disease still takes too many lives. For those who survive, their lives are forever changed.
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High blood pressure and stroke

High blood pressure and stroke: High blood pressure (hypertension) is the most important known risk factor for stroke. High blood pressure can cause damage to blood vessel walls, which may eventually lead to a stroke.

You can control your blood pressure by changing your diet and lifestyle. You can do this particularly through regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight.

Your doctor may also prescribe medication. Normal blood pressure is around 120/80; if your blood pressure is consistently over 140/90 you have high blood pressure.It is important to know your blood pressure numbers. * source