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There’s no rule that says winter air has to be dry, harsh, and, well… wintery. Vicks® Humidifiers can give dry air a dose of humidity by adding more moisture to the air you breathe, every day. To help soothe dry noses, flaky skin, chapped lips and provide temporary relief from cough, and congestion that fits into any corner of your life, there is an array of Vicks® humidifiers for you to choose from. Ideal and safe for Infant care.


Helps relieve coughs and congestion. The AiroMist Humidifier maintains the correct humity in rooms with cold dry air while diffusing essential oils to relieve coughs, nasal and bronchial congestion in young children. Italian designed and made. Features include, Watrer level indicator, stainless steel electrodes, automatic switch off, 3 year warranty, silent, approximate humidification time 10-12 hours per 4 litre tank.

Malouf Manly Pharmacy stocks an array of Humidifiers including the above featured products. Please call in-store for further assistance.